5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Body and One Solution

If you are like most women, you’ve spent years obsessing over every little dietary decision, workout routine, and clothing choice. You’ve CONSTANTLY questioned whether or not you were living up to some arbitrary standard of beauty that magazines and social media seem determined to drill into our brains. Enough is enough! It’s time to start celebrating your body exactly as it is!

At Carmen Salzar Photography, we have the perfect tool to help embrace all that is your body – boudoir photography! More on that in a bit. 

But first…. here are 5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Body:

curvy woman in black teddy during boudoir photography session by Carmen Salazar

1. You’re alive and that’s something to be celebrated.

The body is a beautifully efficient and sophisticated machine. Think about all ways your body provides for you aren’t even thinking about it! Everything from pumping blood through your veins and taking in oxygen through your lungs, your body keeps you going and provides your inner being with a home.

2. Your body allows you to experience life in all its glory.

How incredible is it that you live in a vessel that allows you to experience life and express yourself to the fullest! You have five senses that allow you to taste, touch, smell, see, and hear your surrounding world. Can you imagine life without all these sensory inputs? I certainly can’t! These sensations, and the body that creates them, deserve to be celebrated!

Celebrate Your Body; curvy woman in black teddy during boudoir photography session by Carmen Salazar

3. Your body is capable of some pretty amazing things – it can run, jump, dance, and love.

In addition to receiving information, your body allows you to express yourself through physical movement. Think of what life would be without dancing, singing, creating art, and making music (and so much more)! You aren’t simply a machine moving through this world. You are a complex individual with both a body and spirit that are intricately interwoven. It is good and okay to celebrate the physical side of yourself that allows for the expression of your inner being.

4. Your body bore witness to all of your life’s experiences.

Through it all, the good times and the more challenging ones, your body has been your constant companion. Your body provides you with information on a continual basis, indicating pain and pleasure, both physical and emotional. When you listen to her, your body helps you feel and understand your emotions or bring awareness to medical conditions that need attention. There is growing evidence of the incredible interconnectedness between bodies and our inner beings. Celebrating that interconnectedness between the mind and the body is a worthy pursuit.

curvy woman in black teddy during boudoir photography session by Carmen Salazar

5. Your body is unique and beautiful, just the way it is.

You are the only you that there is. Your body holds its own unique beauty. There is no one right way to walk through this world as a woman or to express yourself. Beauty comes in all different varieties. To limit your definition of beauty to one specific cultural standard of beauty is to diminish the value of your beauty as it is today. After all, beauty standards are always changing. Instead of chasing after the latest trend, try pursuing a deep and abiding love and appreciation for the body you have today. (Remember, your body is constantly changing as well. Embrace her for who she is today, not who she once was or who you hope she becomes.)

Celebrate Your Body; curvy woman in black teddy during boudoir photography session by Carmen Salazar

Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Body

Now that we have established five reasons to celebrate your body, we offer boudoir photography as one unique and empowering way to begin that work. 

Boudoir photography offers women the opportunity to celebrate where they are in their life, physically and emotionally. Through this unique form of photography, women connect with their bodies, express different sides of themselves, tap into their femininity, and show themselves some love.  

Women who participate in boudoir photography with Carmen Salazar Photography all report a renewed sense of confidence, empowerment, and a positive connection with their bodies. Through a day of pampering, with hair and makeup, wardrobe changes, and luxury photography, our boudoir beauties see themselves through the lens of a camera and celebrate their beauty in all its forms. 

Celebrate Your Body; curvy woman in black teddy during boudoir photography session by Carmen Salazar

Celebrate Your Body Today

You and your body deserve to be cared for and celebrated. Let go of any self-doubt and negative thoughts and give yourself permission to connect with and celebrate your body through boudoir photography.  

In the words of Boudoir Beauty Ms. E, whose portraits are featured in this post, “Do it! Feel beautiful and show off your body!

Contact us today to begin your journey into self-celebration through boudoir photography!

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