Boudoir Photography For Yourself

Are you looking for a luxurious gift for yourself?    If so, consider scheduling some boudoir photography for yourself with Carmen Salazar, located in the Sacramento area

Boudoir Beauty, Miss M, came to the Carmen Salazar Photography Studio looking to give a gift to herself.  We think she achieved her goal! What do you think?

brunette in black lingerie head shot boudoir photography by Carmen Salazar

Upon entering the studio, she instantly felt welcome and at home.  Not knowing how to pose didn’t bring about any nerves.  Instead, she was excited to unleash her newly found confident self through photography. 

For Miss M, her session not only provided her an opportunity to celebrate herself but to connect with our studio staff in a meaningful way.

Brunette between the sheets. boudoir photography by Carmen Salazar;

Miss M exuded elegance in her sheer slip dress and stilettos heels.

brunette in black lingerie on green sofa, boudoir photography by Carmen Salazar
brunette in black lingerie, boudoir photography by Carmen Salazar

Slipping between the sheets with her natural self produced her most emotionally vulnerable photos. 

Finally, she let it all out with this dominatrix-inspired outfit paired with blush ruby slippers.

woman in black lingerie and heals, on floor, boudoir photography by Carmen Salazar
dominatrix inspired boudoire, boudoir photography by Carmen Salazar;

If you are looking to give yourself a gift that helps celebrate You, contact us today!  We would love to talk with you about how boudoir photography for yourself can uniquely celebrate all that is you!

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