Gorgeous Natural Light Sacramento Boudoir Session

In my opinion, natural is very sexy.

I was very excited to shoot in my new boudoir studio, but little did I know that our session with Miss Hannah would be so stunning!

Radiant neutral palette boudoir makeup - Carmen Salazar
Sexy natural boudoir style - Carmen Salazar

Our boudoir beauty loved the neutral styling of our new studio because she wanted us to create sensually elegant wedding gift for her hubby-to-be.

Sexy natural light Sacramento boudoir- Carmen Salazar
Stunning and moody boudoir photography - Carmen Salazar

Are you wondering why Miss Hannah’s hair is so soft and sexy? It’s because she has never, ever, cut or colored it! We were all in amazement!!!

Natural boudoir photography in Sacramento - Carmen Salazar

Yes, Hannah’s lovely locks are 100% natural. And I always say in boudoir — use what your mama gave you!

Elegant bombshell boudoir beauty - Carmen Salazar
Soft and natural light boudoir photography - Carmen Salazar

Sexy black and white lace boudoir - Carmen Salazar
Bomshell boudoir beauty session - Carmen Salazar

Our bride-to-be was joking about how her hubby doesn’t “get” boudoir photos, because he already thinks she looks sexy every day. I think he’ll understand after looking at her gorgeous album! Not only is this a sexy gift to him…but an absolute gift to Miss Hannah. She left the studio feeling so empowered and excited about seeing her beautiful album!

Elegant boudoir lace fashion style - Carmen Salazar

This black and white series were some of my fave from what we captured together. Simple, elegant, graceful, sensual – just stunning!

Sexy and soft neutral boudoir photography - Carmen Salazar

Lots of well wishes for Hannah’s big day, and the look on her hubby’s face when he gets his wedding gift!