Boudoir has always been a fun and sexy gift to give a sweetheart, but it should also be a gift to yourself! Miss Gwen has some amazing things to say about boudoir as a form of self-love and confidence:

“Celebrate yourself. You are a being of vitality, beauty, and sexuality – express it!”

Our boudoir beauty says that this session was as much a gift for her hubby as it was a chance for her to embrace and express herself as a woman.

Fun and sexy boudoir photography - Carmen Salazar

My biggest goal in boudoir sessions is to make our ladies feel positive and comfortable with their bodies — helping them find that special quality about them that makes them feel sexy, whether that’s their laugh, their “smize”, or the face they make when they think about their sweetheart! Miss Gwen told me that this was an experience to build both a trust with her photographer, but also trust in her own beauty and personality to shine through.

Happy boudoir bombshell - Carmen Salazar

It feels good to feel sexy – so have fun with it! While a smolder is always seductive, Gwen shows how gorgeous a genuine smile looks in your boudoir session.

Dramatic and moody boudoir - Carmen Salazar

“It’s important for you to look and feel your absolute best – be yourself !” – Miss Gwen