International Women’s Day Giveaway



We Want to Celebrate YOU!

In an amazing photographic experience give-a-way

We have an exciting opportunity for women in the Sacramento area to celebrate themselves and their natural beauty!

Today marks International Women’s Day, an important reminder of how bold, brave, and beautiful women are all around the world. We wanted to create a photographic experience for three lucky ladies that honors and celebrates the diversities, achievements and strengths they possess. We are gifting 3 women in the Sacramento area with a $1500 luxury gift certificate towards a life changing photographic experience and artwork.

Carmen Salazar Photography strives to empower women to see their true beauty in the present moment by emboldening their spirit, confidence, and self-love. The gift of honoring you as a woman through expression, style, laughter, and everything else that makes you special.

We’re looking for women (ages 25-70) who would love a life changing experience with our studio to bring out the natural beauty of your genuine self. Whether you’re a fierce lady boss, or someone who struggles with their self-confidence – you’re just the woman we want to work with.

Give yourself permission to cherish yourself and all the things that make you unique.



If you, or someone you know and love in your life, needs to be celebrated and shown how truly beautiful, treasured and powerful she is please nominate her by 3/30.

We can’t wait to hear about those amazing women in your life and share an empowering photographic experience with them!